Send Files to Photonics

If you’re anything like us, we hate it when our coffee gets cold while waiting for snail mail. Keep your coffee hot by using our online file transfer. It’s good to the last (file) drop.

Upload Files

Note: If you are sending multiple files at one time, we ask that you create a zipped folder containing all the individual files.

How to Compress a File or Folder: 

  • On a Mac, put all files in a folder then right click and choose “Compress ‘folder name’” to create a .zip file or with the folder selected chose “Compress ‘folder name’” under the File Menu.
  • On a PC/Windows, locate the file or folder that you want to compress. Right-click the file or folder, point to Send To, and then click Compressed (zipped) Folder. A new compressed folder is created. To rename it, right-click the folder, click Rename, and then type the new name.