Three Tried and True WordPress Plugins

person working on wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world today. At least 37% of websites are built and managed using WordPress. At Photonics, we build 99% of our clients’ websites using WordPress because of the ease of customization and accessibility. Not to mention there are thousands of WordPress plugins available to help streamline and optimize each and every site.

Because of its ease of use, developing with WordPress also helps ensure that our clients may have the potential to take over the site internally to make small changes, if necessary, despite how little web development knowledge they may have. Below you will find three tried and true plugins that we have found especially useful over the years.


One plugin that we use on many of the sites we design and/or develop is Metaslider. The Metaslider plugin controls the slideshows that often display on the homepage.  You are able to add photos and videos as slides and then add captions or text layovers. It’s very useful for displaying important site information in one place.  The plugin allows for great customization so every slider can match the website’s branding and style. Below are two of our client sites that use Metaslider on their homepage:

CABVI website
Fulcrum Lifting


Formidable is an intuitive form builder. It allows for simple form creation that can be placed on any page. The customization is completely alteration-friendly to match all brand fonts, colors, and styling to align with the rest of the site. You can use it to build simple forms such as a “Contact us” or as powerful as a dynamic survey that changes questions based on answers and selections.


WordFence is a security plugin that helps prevent malicious activity.  In simple terms, it scans for potential security threats. This plugin also assists with incoming spam comments and submissions.

Wordfence Endpoint Firewall process graphic

Wordfence includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that were built from the ground up to protect WordPress. Our Threat Defense Feed arms Wordfence with the newest firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses it needs to keep your website safe. –

At the end of the day, our goal, and that of most developers, is to always provide our clients with a secure, structural, and attractive website. WordPress and its vast library of plugins allow us to do so and keep our clients happy and successful. Everyone works differently and everyone has their own favorite plugins. What are yours?