Digital Marketing: 3 Key Elements of Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital Marketing and social media platforms

This month we had the opportunity to attend a local digital marketing seminar. While there was a plethora of materials to study and information to absorb, there were three points that we feel are key in helping clients map out their digital marketing strategies.

4 C’s of Digital Marketing

Every aspect of digital marketing revolves around 4 C’s: creating, curating, connecting, and culture. It begins with creating and curating compelling content that connects with your audience and potential customers. This content should tap into either your company culture or relate to current trends or events. Two of the biggest reasons for visiting the digital world are to find information on current trends, events, and products or to connect with others by way of culture or community.

It just so happens, before we had even heard anyone mention the 4 C’s of digital marketing in this manner, we had been taking a similar approach with our business as a whole. The 3 C’s of Photonics Inc., which are now featured in our new 30th anniversary logo, are creating, collaborating, and connecting. As designers, developers, and strategists, we feel very strongly that these words have contributed to our thirty years of success in the design and marketing industry.

Personalizing the Customer Journey

If you want to keep up with your competitors, your company needs to turn to technology to incorporate personalization into your marketing plan. Consumers want more out of you. Creating content and materials that are tailor-based on what you know about the user is necessary for a successful digital marketing plan.

When taking on personalization, it’s important to understand the customer’s journey within your target audience. What are their behaviors, demographics, motivations, needs? At what point in their journey might they find your company or product? Use this information to pinpoint where they live online and where to meet them on their journey.

Video is Everything

As we mentioned in the 4 C’s of digital marketing, content is important and, at the moment, video content is everything! This is something we express to our clients often and here’s why: Users are no longer seeking a wealth of information in text format. They just want a highlight reel. And while you’re at it, they’d prefer to learn all the information about your products and services through visuals. After all, the average person’s attention span is down to an average of 8 seconds! If you leave them intrigued, they will come back for more information later. Wondering where you should utilize your video content? EVERYWHERE. Social media, websites, digital marketing, and advertising, you name it!

At the end of the day, the key to digital marketing is to make sure you are utilizing each channel to its full capability. Is your website optimized and conveying a message? Are you present on the correct social media platforms for your industry? Are you putting enough thought and time into SEO and SEM? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s only natural. Sometimes it’s best to bring in partners, like Photonics Inc., who have specialized capabilities to help you with each aspect of your marketing strategy. If digital marketing is a new venture for your company, why not look outside for a full-service digital marketing team and let your employees focus on what they know best!

LinkedIn: Let’s Be Honest

connecting on social media and linkedin platform

Let’s be honest. We all use LinkedIn in hopes of finding and building new business relationships that will ultimately end up generating some sort of income. As the Business and Operational Development Director of Photonics, I know I do. Otherwise, I’d just stick to Facebook.

The numbers don’t lie. With the bulk of B2B (or People to People) marketers using it to generate leads, it’s clear that it’s the best platform for connecting with industry professionals.

Some people are a bit aggressive, or perhaps better said, impatient about sending messages soon after the connection. But, so what? I’ve met some great people on LinkedIn, some of who have ended up becoming great clients. In other cases, they’ve become awesome employees and associates, and yes, even friends.

To those who get upset when people send them messages soon after connecting, I say why wait? Life is short. Make those connections as soon as possible. Capture their attention while you can. Sure, it may seem a bit annoying at times. But if you agree to link with me, or I agree to link with you, we should both expect there to be some sort of interaction. Otherwise, why bother connecting at all? And again, I say, why wait?

I don’t automatically connect with people just because they send me a request. I look to see what they’re all about, and if there might be some mutual benefit for connecting and starting a dialog, then I connect. If they send me a note, I’m honest with them. I either have an interest in what they’re pitching, or I don’t. But I feel if you agree to connect, there should be an expectation for some sort of follow-up communication.

connecting on social media and linkedin platform

I’m all about building relationships and networking. And it all starts with a dialog. Through email, in-messaging, phone call, or even over a hot cup of coffee or a cold adult beverage, the dialog has to start somewhere. Without a dialog, why even bother with LinkedIn.

Having shared my views on that, if you’d like to start a dialog, let’s connect. Send me, Tom Hutchinson, a LinkedIn request, an in-message, or connect with me here. I’d enjoy hearing from you. I promise to respond.

Case Study: How To Build Brand Awareness with an Organic Twitter Campaign

twitter social media while drinking coffee

When one of our B2B clients came to us with the task of creating brand awareness at an international event without a physical presence, we had to get creative. We had to brainstorm quickly and on a tight budget.

This international event is one of the biggest international trade shows for the industrial automation and robotics industry. With new competitors starting to come out of the woodwork, our client wanted to make sure they had a presence without spending the bulk of their yearly marketing budget to attend in person, advertise in multiple languages, or reserve a space and build an exhibit.

After some brainstorming, our initial plan was to run a social media campaign during the week of this international trade show. During our research, we learned the event’s hashtag had already started to gain traction on Twitter and that many of the industry leaders had a large presence on the platform. Because of this, Twitter became our primary focus, followed by LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B opportunities and Facebook would help build both credibility and additional brand awareness.

One big hurdle stood in our way! The client’s social media presence had been MIA for over 6 months and their following was small and inactive. Their platforms had been used very minimally (we’re talking about a total of 15 posts across all platforms combined). How could we use social media to generate a buzz about our client and their product if there was no one listening to us?

We needed much more than a week-long social media blitz into the void. We needed to make sure our client was visible first. Our solution was to create an 8-week social media campaign leading up to the blitz during the week of the show. During those 8 weeks, we focused on building a following for our client by doing the following:

  • Crafting consistent content with a voice that fit our client’s clean and professional brand
  • Posting daily on the Twitter platform
  • Daily engagement
  • Targeting followers and attendees of the trade show
  • Building a genuine Twitter following
  • Consistent posts on other platforms with 2-3 posts per week

As soon as the campaign kicked off, we began to see immediate growth in our client’s following. Being active and engaging with potential customers and industry leaders on a daily basis helped to create a buzz and an awareness around the brand. Did you know B2B and B2C audiences need to come into contact with a brand approximately six times before engaging? This shows the importance of consistency! With a 259% organic growth rate in their following across all platforms before the event even took place, we set ourselves up for a great week of engagement and awareness throughout the show. We also saw a rise in followers and views on YouTube, a platform that wasn’t even a focus within our strategy.

Both our social media campaign and strategy for brand awareness were a success! After the international show, our client’s following has continued to grow and has become a prominent account within the industry. Consistency and engagement are key in organic social media campaigns. This proved true once again, even with a target audience on the opposite side of the globe!

Twitter social media case study infographic