Digital Marketing: 3 Key Elements of Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital Marketing and social media platforms

This month we had the opportunity to attend a local digital marketing seminar. While there was a plethora of materials to study and information to absorb, there were three points that we feel are key in helping clients map out their digital marketing strategies.

4 C’s of Digital Marketing

Every aspect of digital marketing revolves around 4 C’s: creating, curating, connecting, and culture. It begins with creating and curating compelling content that connects with your audience and potential customers. This content should tap into either your company culture or relate to current trends or events. Two of the biggest reasons for visiting the digital world are to find information on current trends, events, and products or to connect with others by way of culture or community.

It just so happens, before we had even heard anyone mention the 4 C’s of digital marketing in this manner, we had been taking a similar approach with our business as a whole. The 3 C’s of Photonics Inc., which are now featured in our new 30th anniversary logo, are creating, collaborating, and connecting. As designers, developers, and strategists, we feel very strongly that these words have contributed to our thirty years of success in the design and marketing industry.

Personalizing the Customer Journey

If you want to keep up with your competitors, your company needs to turn to technology to incorporate personalization into your marketing plan. Consumers want more out of you. Creating content and materials that are tailor-based on what you know about the user is necessary for a successful digital marketing plan.

When taking on personalization, it’s important to understand the customer’s journey within your target audience. What are their behaviors, demographics, motivations, needs? At what point in their journey might they find your company or product? Use this information to pinpoint where they live online and where to meet them on their journey.

Video is Everything

As we mentioned in the 4 C’s of digital marketing, content is important and, at the moment, video content is everything! This is something we express to our clients often and here’s why: Users are no longer seeking a wealth of information in text format. They just want a highlight reel. And while you’re at it, they’d prefer to learn all the information about your products and services through visuals. After all, the average person’s attention span is down to an average of 8 seconds! If you leave them intrigued, they will come back for more information later. Wondering where you should utilize your video content? EVERYWHERE. Social media, websites, digital marketing, and advertising, you name it!

At the end of the day, the key to digital marketing is to make sure you are utilizing each channel to its full capability. Is your website optimized and conveying a message? Are you present on the correct social media platforms for your industry? Are you putting enough thought and time into SEO and SEM? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s only natural. Sometimes it’s best to bring in partners, like Photonics Inc., who have specialized capabilities to help you with each aspect of your marketing strategy. If digital marketing is a new venture for your company, why not look outside for a full-service digital marketing team and let your employees focus on what they know best!

Advantages of Hiring a Full-Service Marketing Firm

marketing group team working together

When starting a new business or considering rebranding a company, it is typical to feel overwhelmed with where to start when it comes to a marketing strategy. Hiring a full-service marketing firm has many advantages that will streamline your marketing efforts and knowing these advantages is the first step in choosing the right firm for your company.

Seamless Branding

Outsourcing your marketing needs to a single firm that offers all the services needed to grow your company will minimize miscommunication about your brand and your goals for that brand. Because your chosen firm will be creating everything from your website to online advertisements to print ads, your brand and your voice will remain consistent across all mediums.


Full-service means that a firm has the experience and expertise to manage all aspects of marketing – web development, graphic design, ad placement, ROI, and more. This means that they will be able to better create a cohesive strategy and later analyze that strategy, with their knowledge of SEO and SEM. Their experience in all these sectors has helped them to develop proven strategies and the means to reach your goals.


With clients in all different niches, a firm of this level has built many connections that will help them to market your brand in the perfect avenue, both locally and globally. If you took on your company’s marketing internally or relied on a firm that only focuses on web design to manage your ad placements, for instance, you would have to start from scratch in the advertising world. A full-service firm has already spent years building relationships in the industry and this will be a great advantage for your company.

Time and Money

If your company doesn’t already have it’s own in-house marketing team, a full-service firm is the best option. They manage multiple clients and their time is dedicated solely to marketing, therefore they will have the experience to know exactly what and how much can be accomplished with your company’s budget. They will also eliminate the overwhelming task of hiring and coordinating with a variety of different contractors, small agencies, and freelancers to handle all the various sectors of marketing, leaving you to do what you do best.

Working with a full-service marketing firm like Photonics Inc. will provide your company assistance with branding, strategy, web development and design, app development, ad design and placement, SEO, SEM, ROI, and more. Allowing a single team to take on all of these needs will guarantee a consistent brand and strategy that will convert into sales.