Photonics Inc. Teams Up with Roboworld to Promote Local STEM Program

In October, we teamed up with one of our clients in the industrial manufacturing industry, Roboworld, creator of Pendant Armor®, to donate $1000 to Ross Rambotics, FIRST Robotics Competition Team #3201. We presented the donation to the team in person on October 17th at Ross High School in Hamilton, OH. As partners, we felt Ross… Read more

Photons Take on the Automate Show and Promat 2019

  This Spring, we attended the Automate Show and Promat 2019 to help our client with their product displays and marketing materials, assist with social media coverage, and gain insight into the ever-evolving robotics industry. Combined, the Automate Show and Promat featured over 1500 exhibits throughout the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois. Our… Read more

30th Anniversary Animation Process

This year we hit a pretty big milestone as a company. We are celebrating 30 years in business! To celebrate and share our achievement, we designed a 30th anniversary emblem to work alongside our current logo, which you may have already noticed when it made its way onto our homepage and on a few marketing… Read more

Digital Marketing: 3 Key Elements of Digital Marketing in 2019

This month we had the opportunity to attend a local digital marketing seminar. While there was a plethora of materials to study and information to absorb, there were three points that we feel are key in helping clients map out their digital marketing strategies. 4 C’s of Digital Marketing Every aspect of digital marketing revolves… Read more

LinkedIn: Let’s Be Honest

Let’s be honest. We all use LinkedIn in hopes of finding and building new business relationships that will ultimately end up generating some sort of income. I know I do. Otherwise, I’d just stick to Facebook. The numbers don’t lie. With the bulk of B2B (I prefer P2P or People to People) marketers using it… Read more

If You’re Not Laughing, You’re Not Working Hard Enough

Thoughts on Humor in the Workplace Business is serious stuff. There’s no time for humor. That’s for people who just don’t understand how important it is to stay focused on the bottom line. Get to work! Work harder!! Work longer!!! Produce more!!!! What are you doing out of your seat? IF YOU’RE LAUGHING, YOU’RE NOT… Read more

Case Study: How To Build Brand Awareness with an Organic Twitter Campaign

When one of our B2B clients came to us with the task of creating brand awareness at an upcoming international event that they could not physically attend, we had to get creative. We had to brainstorm quickly and on a tight budget. This international event is one of the biggest international trade shows for the… Read more

Advantages of Hiring a Full-Service Marketing Firm

When starting a new business or considering rebranding a company, it is typical to feel overwhelmed with where to start when it comes to a marketing strategy. Hiring a full-service marketing firm has many advantages that will streamline your marketing efforts and knowing these advantages is the first step in choosing the right firm for… Read more

Are You An “Expert”? Don’t Worry. It’s Only Temporary.

I’ve been told that to get noticed on LinkedIn, I need to write and post an article, so I can be perceived as an “expert” in my industry.Well to be honest, I struggle with being perceived as an expert in anything, because I’ve come to understand that expertise is relative to your audience, your time,… Read more

The Future of Web and Design Agencies 3/17/2017

I came across an interesting article a few weeks ago that I wanted to share. It’s about the future of agencies in our digitally connected world. Because of technology, we can connect anytime, anywhere. Not surprisingly, many people are choosing to work outside of the typical nine-to-five office environment. They are investing time and energy… Read more