We're Photonics. We believe in the power of conversation. Great conversations let us listen to new people, understand new concepts, and tell an interesting story. Conversation is the secret sauce that helps us position your brand to genuinely connect to your audience.


Our approach is simple, but it works. We collaborate with you to define your goals, understand your challenges, and focus your marketing efforts. Together we'll develop the right mix of medium and message to ensure that your marketing dollar is well spent and contributing to real growth.


Photonics has been an active part of the Cincinnati community since 1989. Our red brick Victorian, near Eden Park, is the perfect home for our eclectic group. Walk inside you'll experience the warm welcome of a friendly team who are passionate about our clients and their success.


Our founder, Alan Brown, began his career creating amazingly intricate photographic effects and image collages for a wide range of clients. Building on Alan's passion for visual creativity, Photonics was born. Today we are celebrating our 29th year of serving the Cincinnati community's design needs and our desire to create show-stopping visual communication has never been stronger.