Our Team

Photonics has been an active part of the Cincinnati community since 1989. Our red brick Victorian, near Eden Park, is the perfect home for our eclectic group of creative types. Walk inside and you’ll experience the warm welcome of a friendly team of designers and developers who are passionate about our clients and their successes.

The Photonics team keeps abreast of the latest technical developments and artistic trends in a variety of industries. Our thoroughness and attention to detail characterize every project we undertake, no matter how large or small it may be. We help our clients identify and then solve their problems, making sure that the solution fits their goals and needs.

Alan Brown, President and Creative Director

As the founder and president of Photonics, Alan wears many hats; one of them is Creative Director. Every project we undertake must pass his critical eye and meet his artistic standards. A graduate of Syracuse University with a Communications degree, Alan’s major focus began in photography and art history but has evolved over time. Alan has amassed more than three decades of experience with all facets of visual media. He is integrally involved with every project at Photonics, ensuring each client is provided with the solution that best fits their design, marketing or programming needs. In addition to being the company’s Creative Director, Alan also spends his time fostering client relationships, developing new business and advising the team with technical challenges. Outside of work, Alan spends time with his wife, Christie, their two grown children and participating in a number of nonprofit organizations around Cincinnati.
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Tom Hutchinson, Development Director

Tom is energetic and passionate about building relationships and helping clients solve problems. He likes to say he’s a “big picture, connect-the-dots” kind of guy. He joined the Photonics team in 2016 and spearheads our client development strategy. Tom has been part of the design industry since he began his career with Seta, Appleman & Showell, which was acquired by Landor. He continued honing his business and leadership skills at various design firms throughout Cincinnati, as well as owning his own design firm for 9 years. He has worked with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Welch’s, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, Bodycote, and a host of others. When Tom isn’t working, this native Cincinnatian enjoys spending relaxed time with family and friends, and road trips to places unseen.
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Stacie Brown, Design Director/Studio Manager/Information Extraordinaire

Every group has someone who knows a little about everything. For us, Stacie is this wealth of knowledge and lucky for us, she’s also one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. Stacie oversees the design and web development departments, keeping the team’s creative energy focused on the needs of the client. She manages all of Photonics’ print projects as well as web development projects. Stacie has been with Photonics for 13 years and in this position for the past eight years. Prior to that, Stacie served as a senior designer. Stacie graduated from the University of Dayton with a BFA in Visual Communications Design. And ironically, despite the last name, Stacie and Alan are not related!
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Michelle Markwell, Senior Designer

Michelle is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP), with a BS in Design. She brings years of print design experience to the Photonics team, including work on logos, ads, brochures and other marketing collateral. When she’s not exercising her creativity at work, Michelle is playing the piano, and she’s been a keyboardist for various local churches for several years.

David Sweitzer, Designer

David joined the Photonics design team in 2016 as an additional Graphic Designer. Having grown up in Cincinnati, David found his passion not only in design, but also in the Cincinnati music scene. He’s been an active member in many regionally touring and local bands over the past decade. Currently studying graphic design at Cincinnati State, David is a great asset to our team. When he’s not making music or designing in our studio, David enjoys spending time with family, friends and his cats.

Alex Costa, Web Developer

Alex graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2013, majoring in Information Technology, after serving in the U.S. Army. He brings a unique mix of creativity and tech expertise to the table at Photonics, focusing mainly on developing new websites for our clients. In his spare time, Alex enjoys spending time with his friends, going to the gym, trying new food and beer (thankfully the Cincinnati craft brew scene is on the rise), watching movies, and playing the “occasional” video game.

Christie Brown, Vice President/CFO

Christie oversees the accounting, insurance and legal aspects of Photonics. She is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Marketing. Christie has always been involved in activities and organizations that benefit the Cincinnati community. She often lends her marketing expertise to us in the area of business development, and occasionally works with us on design projects for her other organizations. Perhaps her most important role has been putting up with Alan and his antics over the years!

Mindy Morgan, Bookkeeper

Mindy joined the Photonics team as Bookkeeper in 2017. Originally from Springfield, Ohio, Mindy moved to Cincinnati to work for Kroger in 1994. She spent ten years in financial and accounting positions at Kroger until taking time off to raise her kids. She and her husband, Pat, have two children, Emily and Connor, and a dog named Sophie. When she’s not crunching numbers, Mindy enjoys reading, hiking and watching movies.