This Spring, we attended the Automate Show and Promat 2019 to help our client with their product displays and marketing materials, assist with social media coverage, and gain insight into the ever-evolving robotics industry. Combined, the Automate Show and Promat featured over 1500 exhibits throughout the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Our client had a large product display, of which we designed prior to the trade show, in the exhibition space of one of their distributors and their product was officially featured in six other booths across both shows. Our main focus during our time at the McCormick Center was Automate as it focused more on robotics and automating the manufacturing process. We knew that would be the place to connect with more potential customers and distributors.

Pendant Armor display in the KC Robotics booth at Automate 2019

And don’t think we didn’t try to fit in a little, non-business related, fun! We made a road trip pitstop at the Albanese Candy Outlet for some sweet treats, went for a long walk around the windy city, and met up with our client for a fantastic dinner at RPM Italian. Just for kicks, we snagged over twenty new lanyards throughout the two showrooms while learning about new products and the industry. We love a good inside joke around the office (#DoItForTheLanyard)!

It was a whirlwind 36 hours, no pun intended, but we are always willing to put in the extra time to get to know our client’s industry, products, and target market. Contact us if you’re on the hunt for a marketing team that understands your goals and your industry or simply need help with trade show materials.

Stacie and Samantha at Automate 2019 #DoItForTheLanyard