Let’s be honest. We all use LinkedIn in hopes of finding and building new business relationships that will ultimately end up generating some sort of income. As the Business and Operational Development Director of Photonics, I know I do. Otherwise, I’d just stick to Facebook.

The numbers don’t lie. With the bulk of B2B (or People to People) marketers using it to generate leads, it’s clear that it’s the best platform for connecting with industry professionals.

Some people are a bit aggressive, or perhaps better said, impatient about sending messages soon after the connection. But, so what? I’ve met some great people on LinkedIn, some of who have ended up becoming great clients. In other cases, they’ve become awesome employees and associates, and yes, even friends.

To those who get upset when people send them messages soon after connecting, I say why wait? Life is short. Make those connections as soon as possible. Capture their attention while you can. Sure, it may seem a bit annoying at times. But if you agree to link with me, or I agree to link with you, we should both expect there to be some sort of interaction. Otherwise, why bother connecting at all? And again, I say, why wait?

I don’t automatically connect with people just because they send me a request. I look to see what they’re all about, and if there might be some mutual benefit for connecting and starting a dialog, then I connect. If they send me a note, I’m honest with them. I either have an interest in what they’re pitching, or I don’t. But I feel if you agree to connect, there should be an expectation for some sort of follow-up communication.

connecting on social media and linkedin platform

I’m all about building relationships and networking. And it all starts with a dialog. Through email, in-messaging, phone call, or even over a hot cup of coffee or a cold adult beverage, the dialog has to start somewhere. Without a dialog, why even bother with LinkedIn.

Having shared my views on that, if you’d like to start a dialog, let’s connect. Send me, Tom Hutchinson, a LinkedIn request, an in-message, or connect with me here. I’d enjoy hearing from you. I promise to respond.