When one of our B2B clients came to us with the task of creating brand awareness at an international event without a physical presence, we had to get creative. We had to brainstorm quickly and on a tight budget.

This international event is one of the biggest international trade shows for the industrial automation and robotics industry. With new competitors starting to come out of the woodwork, our client wanted to make sure they had a presence without spending the bulk of their yearly marketing budget to attend in person, advertise in multiple languages, or reserve a space and build an exhibit.

After some brainstorming, our initial plan was to run a social media campaign during the week of this international trade show. During our research, we learned the event’s hashtag had already started to gain traction on Twitter and that many of the industry leaders had a large presence on the platform. Because of this, Twitter became our primary focus, followed by LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B opportunities and Facebook would help build both credibility and additional brand awareness.

One big hurdle stood in our way! The client’s social media presence had been MIA for over 6 months and their following was small and inactive. Their platforms had been used very minimally (we’re talking about a total of 15 posts across all platforms combined). How could we use social media to generate a buzz about our client and their product if there was no one listening to us?

We needed much more than a week-long social media blitz into the void. We needed to make sure our client was visible first. Our solution was to create an 8-week social media campaign leading up to the blitz during the week of the show. During those 8 weeks, we focused on building a following for our client by doing the following:

  • Crafting consistent content with a voice that fit our client’s clean and professional brand
  • Posting daily on the Twitter platform
  • Daily engagement
  • Targeting followers and attendees of the trade show
  • Building a genuine Twitter following
  • Consistent posts on other platforms with 2-3 posts per week

As soon as the campaign kicked off, we began to see immediate growth in our client’s following. Being active and engaging with potential customers and industry leaders on a daily basis helped to create a buzz and an awareness around the brand. Did you know B2B and B2C audiences need to come into contact with a brand approximately six times before engaging? This shows the importance of consistency! With a 259% organic growth rate in their following across all platforms before the event even took place, we set ourselves up for a great week of engagement and awareness throughout the show. We also saw a rise in followers and views on YouTube, a platform that wasn’t even a focus within our strategy.

Both our social media campaign and strategy for brand awareness were a success! After the international show, our client’s following has continued to grow and has become a prominent account within the industry. Consistency and engagement are key in organic social media campaigns. This proved true once again, even with a target audience on the opposite side of the globe!

Twitter social media case study infographic