It’s been a year of growth and a year of change for myself and everyone at Photonics. We embarked upon a rebranding process in February, which led to the launch of a new logo and website in June. I, Alan Brown, was eager to share that news and imagery with all of you, and now I have more exciting news to share. I recently hired a Director of Development to continue to push me and the team to the next level.

Tom Hutchinson and I met a while back when I was a photographer and he worked for a local design firm. Tom is a native to the design industry in Cincinnati and we recently reconnected through a mutual friend. This meeting proved to be beneficial for both of us, as Tom wanted to make a career change and I was ready to bring someone on board who could continue to push me outside of my comfort zone – something I don’t necessarily enjoy (who does?), but something that I know is necessary to grow our business.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Tom Hutchinson, or as most people call him, Hutch.

Alan: What do you hope to bring to the table at Photonics?
Hutch: I hope to bring a unique view of what Photonics can become. My experience is extremely unique, having been a vice president, general manager and business owner, I’ve been in the design industry for a while and have watched it react to new technology that’s constantly introduced. I’m excited to coordinate crossroads of sales and marketing to meet our end goals.

Alan: What are some of your hobbies outside of work?
Hutch: I played baseball/softball for 35 years, sang in a rock band for five years, then a wedding band for another five (or more) years after that. So, I’ll get on the stage and sing karaoke with no coaxing! Also, as a side business several years ago, I owned a cigar/martini bar in Montgomery, Ohio, with a life-long friend who I’ve known since Kindergarten. I like good beer, good bourbon and a good cigar on occasion with good friends.

Alan: You like to golf too, right?
Hutch: While not a great golfer, I enjoy the environment of a golf course. The sun always shines on a golf course. I’ve been fortunate enough to golf at some of the greatest golf courses in the country, including Pebble Beach.

Alan: Tell me about your family.
Hutch: My wife Bonnie and I have been married for almost 35 years. We have three kids and three grandkids, who always make me laugh. Everyone should be able to go back and see life through the grandkids’ eyes.

Alan: How would your family and friends describe you?
Hutch: They would tell you I’m a social butterfly. I try to fit a lot in with the little time we have. I’m a high energy guy, so that really helps me fit everything in. My close friends and family are so important to me, and I enjoy spending time with them.

I’m excited to introduce you to Hutch and welcome his high-energy to the table at Photonics! I know he’s going to bring a lot of new ideas and fresh energy to our thriving Victorian studio on Park Avenue.