Time for a Refresh

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 | Musings | photonics

In addition to our clients’ projects, we have been busy the past few months focusing on our own brand. For the past 17 years of our 27-year history, Photonics Graphics’ logo has been an artistic yellow and black geometric logo. Like many of our clients, we felt it was time for a refresh.

Beginning in January we went through a rebranding process, which began with a thorough self-examination and a catharsis. I have felt for quite a while that our name was limiting us because we offer so much more than just graphics, and I wanted to move beyond that anchor. We decided to drop “graphics” and modify our name to, simply, Photonics.

While I’ve grown very comfortable with our current logo, it’s been really exciting for me to step back and explore some new looks. One of my worries as a business owner is that we were becoming uninteresting. We have had the same-old look for many years, and with all of the competition out there, we really needed to demonstrate that we are relevant in today’s market. While it’s true that we are very current with technology and trends, we don’t often get an opportunity to tout that.

Therefore, I wanted our new logo to communicate more energy and modernity. We chose a navy blue and lime green, both fairly contemporary colors. The lightbulb represents the light we use to guide our clients through the creative process, showing them not only what is a great solution for their marketing needs, but also how to get there.

Thinking through all of this, I found that during the rebrand I experienced the same fears that many clients have when they go through this process. The self-doubts, leaving our comfort zone to enter into a world of disruption and the reluctance to change old habits. After 27 years as Photonics Graphics, the change was not easy, emotionally.

With that said, I’m confident and very excited to be going through this transformation. I’m hopeful that we will encourage a look from possible new clients and a re-look for those with whom we currently work. To everyone, I say, "Welcome to the new Photonics!"